Saturday, September 22, 2007

Button Up - The Bloods (I love this song, it makes me wanna dance)

Every year about this time, Anthropologie introduces a fantastic pair of shoes which fall under the price of $200 (which is a refreshing change from their usual fare for footwear). And if you pay attention to trends and price, you will know that these shoes will sell out immediately. High fashion, low price. . .in Anthropologie? Unheard of! If you're clever you order early. . . if you're not-so-clever, you wait until February to own them or buy them on eBay. I'm quite convinced that they order small quantities just to see if we really will kill each other.

This year, I got smart (or so I thought). I flipped through their catalogue and like a pro, zeroed in on what I thought to be the winning item and ordered immediately.
"So what if the heels are three inches high. . . they are sturdy and thick. . . I'll be fine", or so I tried to convince myself.
But when they arrived, I had to face the cold, hard truth.
I would definitely break my own neck within three hours of wearing these shoes.
They went back to the store today.
Sometimes I feel I just can't win.

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