Sunday, September 16, 2007

For Free - Joni Mitchell

Listening to Joni Mitchell is only the most appropriate thing you can do during this time of the year. And who doesn't love something for free. . . whether it's free street music or free material possessions, getting it for nothing kind of sweetens the deal.

Just like husbands shouldn't give their wives housewares for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, if you have an older lady in your life that you love, you really shouldn't give her night gowns for her birthday. It's not very exciting and it makes her feel older. My Grammy had a birthday recently and got flooded with night gowns. Although she was very thankful (always thankful, my Grammy is), I could tell she was a little disappointed, a couple of them were quite "elderly" looking. But she gave my sister and I some beautiful silk nighties that she no longer wears. They're so beautiful and classic.

My Papa recently returned from his summer vacation to England and France. The man really knows how to do it up nicely when he's not dragging extra baggage wth him (extra baggage being his daughters). He stayed in four star extremely modern hotels and travelled on Brish Airways business class. At least he brought me one of the British Airways business class goody bags. . . I'm a happy camper!

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