Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marla - Grizzly Bear

And sometimes, when I feel I have been very good, worked very hard, been creative and productive, I treat myself to Dazed and Confused magazine. However, it cost $10.99 at my local Barnes and Noble, so it's not a monthly treat for me. But it is such a treasure to flip through it, I practically absorb the articles like a sponge. They even featured the band Chrome Hoof this month! My ex boyfriend Will (who is still a good friend of mine) took me to see them when I still lived in London.

But more, I bought it for the luscious Selma Blair who is not only my girl crush but someone my Dad happens to think is striking too. I hate the idea of buying a magazine that no one will read but you. Knowledge is to be shared. Luckily, my Dad's pretty hip in his own way and we end up swapping magazines a lot. This picture I took of a magazine rack in his room. There are some pretty familiar titles snuck in there.

There is a downside to sharing magazines though. When you want to keep one pristine and in good shape (because your two best friends from London are featured in it), you have to hide it from your family. And often that is not worth the battle, because they will find it and the magazine might end up cemented to the hood of your car from being left out in a rain storm (I know it was a mistake Dad, but it still makes me laugh).


Matthew Jackson said...
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Matthew Jackson said...

Did you see "Feast of Love"? that movie tore me up, and my mom had to ask me if I wanted to leave which only made me feel smaller.
Sometimes you hit the bar and sometimes the bar, well...
-Far from some Eastern thing.