Monday, September 24, 2007

Prescilla - Bat For Lashes

Federico always made me smile when he would give me that devilish smile and remark "Italians always ruin everything". Federico is Italian and he captured my sentiments in regards to Americans in that statement. IKEA and Orla Kiely. . . when the rest of America jumps on the bandwagon, I just lose interest. . . I can't help it. Maybe it's that it loses it's exotic appeal. Now IKEA hasn't been exotic for atleast ten years in America. . . but in the 80's, it was a well kept secret. Once upon a time IKEA gave me clarity and peace of mind. Today, it gave me a headache. Meanwhile the Uptown Yummy Mummy's of Manhattan have KILLED the Orla Kiely bag. But I still like my Orla Kiely t-shirt, when I remember to wear it. And I still like IKEAs sticky buns (as you can see from my potbelly).

And, I suppose if someone gave me this bag as a present, I wouldn't return it to the store.

Today's outfit is pretty blah. IKEA certainly isn't the place to dress your finest. When you're done lifting, grunting and putting boxes onto a flat bed truck, instead of worrying about your general appearance, you're more pleased with yourself for wearing functional, decent underwear, since your jeans were slipping the entire time you were lifting, giving the people in the next parking space over, quite an eyeful. (In the above picture you can see my Paul Frank Julius underwear peaking out from under my shirt).

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