Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dollars & Cents - Radiohead

Of course when I don't have a steady income, is when I can find fifty different things to spend money on. . . and when I have a steady income, that is when I can't find anything to spend my money on. Right now, I could certainly use these things from La Garconne
Les Prairies Des Paris keeps making these delicate pieces, which I love.

This cashmere sweater looks perfect for almost any occasion (work, play, travel, whatever)

And this sleeveless linen jersey top would probably look slick underneath the sweater, and even better when you peel the sweater off in the evening. I've actually had my eye on both these pieces for some time. And now they're on sale and I can't afford them. Great.
Meanwhile at Creatures of Comfort

I can't decide which pair of Melissa jelly shoes to buy (I can actually afford these). My mother always lovingly tells me to steer clear of red for my size 10 feet. But some how, I feel my feet are telling me to buy them. They want to scream "look at me, look at me", constantly. . .as I have an affinity for red shoes.

(photos: and Creatures of

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