Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busenfreud - Philippe Lussan, Camel Hinds

Lately I've been craving a good bustle skirt. Funny thing to crave, I know. With my shape and the curvature of my derriere (I was not slighted, in that area of my body), one might think that I would stay away from such designs but. . . well. . .the thing is. . . I simply don't care. I wear what I like.
(This one from Bernard Wilhelm is very cool with an even chillier, unwelcoming price tag of $495)

And I love this home made one worn by Clara of Underbaraclara (She has amazing style).

I decided to make my own too. It's a surprisingly easy, 30 minutes project.
Start with a men's (or women's) dress shirt from Salvation Army. The bigger the better, because you can have more folds.
Pin folds accordingly, where ever you see deamed necessary.
I pulled the sleeves up and pinned them twice and wrapped them around the front (I think I'm going to sew down the cuffs into nifty little front pockets).

Sew a straight line, where ever you placed pins (There's no picture for this because I cannot sew and take pictures at the same time).

Button around hips and you're ready to go.
You might need to adjust the buttons so it fits your waist better. Luckily, I didn't have to do that!

(Photos: Clara of Underbaraclara, Seven )

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