Friday, November 23, 2007

Everest - Ratatat


-Eating tons of food on special holidays and falling asleep by the fire like a grandpa.
-Winter coat excess (you need it, right?)
-Cuddling up with someone on the couch, whether it be a good friend or someone special.
-Textured tights.
-New boots.
-Knitted hats.
-Listening to music in a warm house with all your friends around.
-Cashmere. Cashmere. Cashmere.
-Sitting in a coffee shop with your friends, watching the world pass by.


-Dry hands, lips, face, legs. . . everywhere.
-Cold cars, which creak if you don't let it warm up before driving.
-Cold houses which induce sprints to the shower when I wake up . . . (I never want to get out of bed especially in the winter)
-Textured tights.
-Waiting in the cold for anything (subway, bus, friends. . .)
-People who park in the spot you shoveled (them be fightin' moves).

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