Thursday, November 8, 2007

Say Something New -The Concretes

It's no big secret that I've been such a misery guts on here lately. Making subtle hints to the fact that romance is . . . well. . . crap. Sorry for that, that's clearly not a ton of fun, to read, is it? So I interrupt my moping to bring you an important NEWSFLASH. Target sees no love as it does when me and The Pea walk through the doors. We can't help it. There's just so much great stuff, with a couple pieces of real crap thrown into the mix.
First we run towards the coats. Ripping them off the racks, like hungry lions, we drag them into the "Family Fitting Room". AKA "The Fitting Room Reserved Specifically For Us So We Can Laugh At Each Other If We Look Ridiculous" (which often happens).

I didn't think Peas looked so bad (until she pulled that ridiculous grin).

My coat however made me resemble my childhood hero, Paddington the Bear.
Next, we move skillfully to the hosiery section where Pea got some socks, and I got some yellow leg warmers. (No, I don't care if they're on the "out" list. I like them very much and will be very thankful as the temperature drops). Then we top things off with our favourite department. Shoes!! But it wasn't looking like an entirely successful shopping trip. Too trendy, too ugly, hard to walk in, time to go home. But wait. . .

We each got a pair. They were marked down to $3. And that my friends, is why we shop at Target.

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