Monday, November 12, 2007

Storm Returns - Prefuse 73 (Peas Favourite Song)

Alice Temperley is on sale at our Target for half price and they've already started putting out some Erin Fetherston stuff. Sometimes I don't miss New York at all. The Erin Fetherston scramble is going to be ugly in Brooklyn.

(Yup, we bought the top and sweater which, we are wearing in the picture. . . and yes, that is love in my eyes).

It's been grey and rainy in our little part of the world. Met Peas for coffee, knitting, Salvation Army shopping spree (we got goodies galore. . . more later) and of course. . . Target ! What chases away the blues better than a little retail therapy?

(Photo: Lolcats . . . I am starting to worry about this site's unhealthy popularity with my friends).