Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Straight Pysche - Amon Tobin

Do you remember when you were younger and everyone used to shout the phrase "pysche!", all the time, when letting you know that the wool had been successfully pulled over your eyes? Well, I keep expecting Topshop to send me an email that says, "Pysche! We were just kidding about the granny pants we tried to sell you".

I suppose Topshop didn't get the memo that Sienna Miller admits to wearing those pants to divert the media's bright and shining light from her style of dress.
"I decided I'm just going to wear disgusting things, and I went a bit nuts". - Sienna Miller, Nylon Magazine.

You can say that again, Sweets. You looked positively crazy. And Anna Wintour looked a little scared for/of you.

But for some inane reason, Topshop thinks we ALL want to emulate this look (not two, not three, but four pairs of these horrific hot pants can be found on their website). Topshop, read your mags. It was a joke guys! Ha. (The type of joke where someone falls on their face, jumps up and protests, "I meant to do that"). Either way, you won't catch me running around, looking like the village idiot in these things. . .

(Photos: Oh Topshop! , Fuggin' It Up)

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