Monday, November 5, 2007

Things You Said - Depeche Mode

My best friends The Pea and The Thinker have already done this fantastic little exercise into the mind. It's really interesting what image we try to project through out the years. You should try it too.

3 - Look at that kid's rad Michael Jackson belt. I wonder if she'd loan it to me? (I would have!)
7 - Look at the amazing puffy sleeves on that yellow dress.
11- Beret and the sunglasses? Such a beatnik.
13- She must be a hippie. She loves everyone.
15- She hates everyone. She listens to strange music. . .
17- That girl's a total ballbuster. She will kick your ass. Her sister's hot though.
19- She's got cool sneakers and lots of cool hoodies. She likes Mos Def and goes to lots of shows.
21- I heard she worked in fashion and almost stayed in London. . .
23- Ooooh, nice shoes.
25- Cool dress, but the hem is funny. What's she reading?

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