Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deer Stop - Goldfrapp

In proud honor of the holiday season's first snow (for the DC area), I present to you Goldfrapp (my favourite winter/hibernation music). As I probably will work from home tomorrow (the roads were a mess today), I see myself listening to some Goldfrapp and musing. Goldfrapp's music has delighted me since 2003. Haunting, mesmerizing, sensual and just plain weird . . . it's something, everyone needs in their music collection.

Goldfrapp posters were all plastered all over Shoreditch throughout most of the winter of 2003. Who is this striking woman who favors images of animals doing strange things and top hats? Definitely a style maker with an impossibly beautiful voice. (When Alison Goldfrapp sports a short black dress and a top hat, I feel empowered to do the same).

Will and I used to listened to "Black Cherry", when we would get ready for work.

Federico and I classifiy it as "winter music". . . well actually Federico considers it "sex music", but I can't imagine a romantic tryst to the song "Oompa Radar". (What do you think of when you hear the word "oompa"? Yes. . . it sounds exactly like that).

And in the care package, which I sent Alex recently, I included a letter, a postcard book and all of my favourite Goldfrapp tunes. He absolutely loved them.

My Favourites:

Paper Bag - Makes me think of snow fall.
Hairy Trees - Makes me think of sunlight passing through the trees on a winter day.
Let It Take You - Makes me think of the ocean, washing over me.

Now go seek those songs (and others), drink some coffee liquor and cuddle with someone nice.

(All photos kindly borrowed from: Goldfrapp's Myspace . . . but not the Starbuck's one.)


love first, and live incidentally said...

who is the photographer who shot these pictures? they're brillient!

etoilee8 said...

I'm not quite sure. You should just check out Goldfrapp's myspace. .. send them a message, they seem pretty cool, they'll probably write you back!