Monday, December 17, 2007

Loved Despite Great Faults - Blonde Redhead

Crazy rant incoming (maybe a direct effect of lack of sleep and an increase in stress). I have been so busy lately. All I do is work, shop and sleep. Now I am sitting propped up in bed at 10:30. Pathetic. I've been Christmas shopping up a storm this year. And throwing in a few things for myself too. That shirt in the above picture was purchased tonight. Stripes, as if I didn't already have enough. I get a discount at Marimekko because I work across the street. It's like a dream come true.
I know what everyone is getting (because I helped pick out a lot of it). Hell, I probably know what you're getting too! But all this shopping for various family members has brought up an interesting point in my mind. Do single people get slighted on present giving holidays? I'm beginning to think so. Do you remember that Sex in the City when Carrie's shoes get stolen at the party of the married smug couple and she kicks up a fit and finally vows to marry herself so she can register at Manolo Blahnik? (I hate to reference Sex in the City. . . I once took a womens study class with a bunch of morons and that was all they were capable of talking about. That class made me sad. But I need this reference, so forgive me).

When dealing with presents and couples, I always find that even though I may be friends with both members of the party, therefore having to buy two presents, I only receive one in return. This is the first year that both my sisters will have their significant others around for Christmas. I am excited, but I'm also stressed from all the shopping. When I buy presents, I make it good. I refuse to buy useless crap. So this is a warning, dear sisters. Make it good. You are not required to pick out a present for anyone but me so put in a little extra thought (or extra $$$ if ya like). And yes James, you did just fine with the Dolly Parton album last year, keep up the good work.

(photos: HBO and Marimekko )


silver screen pipe dreams said...

I find it sad when I use Sex and the City as a reference, but often they're so on that I find myself slipping into it. Unless I'm with Kiran I don't think it's okay, but the two of us hang out and watch it so it's more of a personal touchstone than a cultural one, if that makes sense... And I get what you're saying.

love first, and live incidentally said...

I totally feel on the couples thing. I live in Greenpoint and I feel like the only person not in a realtionship. Lol dont even try to go into a bar by yourself there!