Saturday, December 8, 2007

Orange Glow - Simian

Did a little shopping with Peas today, after our coffee/book buying date (Matt came to coffee). I tried to convince myself that I should only be Christmas shopping for other people, but that idea didn't stick around for long. My sense of selfish entitlement is through the roof lately. "I deserve this", is my mantra. My Pops refers to me as the "ultimate consumer". I don't think it's THAT bad. But what do I know? I could justify a purchase in a court of law, if need be.
The sundress, that I'm wearing in the above photo was bought at Urban last week. Today I was browsing Emma's Closet and realized my outfit was simliar one of her's. Which made me smile because she's got really cool style. Difference languages, different time zones. . .but we've still got common interests.

(Photo: borrowed from Emma , but I'm writing her an email to make sure she doesn't mind. . . )

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