Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tired Little One - Alice Russell

Yeah, me too Kate. These days I hardly have time to:

sit in the bath
write in my journal
write on this blog
take photos
see movies
finish books (let alone magazines)
make clothes

Something in my life has got to give. I miss all those activities dearly.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Better Luck - Scissor Sisters

Cheer up, ex neighbor/ex-crush/ex-kid-who-raided-my-fridge. . . apparently you're no one until Gawker makes fun of you.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Drop - Cornelius

Dear First Boyfriend,

I know we don't talk a lot these days but I went to see Cornelius on Friday and it was wonderful. Thanks for introducing me to him. (Five years ago even! You were so ahead of the curve). If I had to see the same concert every week for a solid year, I would pick Cornelius. The entire concert was a dreamscape of visuals, perfectly timed to music. Aestitically speaking, it was the best concert I have ever seen, his videos are some of the best. The concert opened with "Breezin". . . and the video playing on the massive screen in the background. Breezin' makes me happy and I don't know why. It's like candy for your ears. First boyfriend, you gave me lots of things. Laughter, happiness. . .Irish Gaelic slang. You made me feel so special and beautiful. But above all. . .you gave me some amazing music. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. There will always be a place in my heart for you.



PS- Drop is my epiphany song, as I had an epiphany when I woke up this morning. And then I had a couple more during the concert. Inspiration brain overload.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Lumberjack Song - Monty Python Cast

I was never one of those girls that would call her friends in elementry school and plan what we were wearing. That might be because I had no friends (the joys of being a wallflower). Peas and I never plan to dress alike (we've missed that wave by about twenty years), but it happens. So we embrace it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Their Law - Prodigy

Oh and update, Corey Delaney . . . is going pro with his partying antics. He's got an agent and everything. Still my hero. Go Corey!
However, if you find his arrogance and "total lack of respect for the law" obnoxious, you can give him a good bashing here .

Jique - Brazilian Girls

Everyone's favourite snowboarding jailbait is doing a line for Target ??? For real? I could understand all of this, right after he won the medal. . . but this seems a little late (and Target is generally on top of their game). But, who didn't have a little crush on Shaun White after he brought home the gold for the US of A?
(Cricket's chirping).
Am I the only one? ( Oh whatever, you dirty liars). Anyways, the true test of superman powers is whether or not this Target line will be awesome. Time will tell. . .

(Photo: 2 One 5 and Target )

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Talula - Tori Amos


1. Do you love it?
Yes, yes, dear god yes.

2. Can you afford?
No, no absolutely not, even if I offered my first born.

3. Do you love Coco Rocha's facial expression?
It practically makes the dress. You must wear that expression while wearing such a dress.
"Come and get me", she says.

4. Is it on sale?
Dress can be purchased from Tender , a neat little shop in Detroit (of all places). . . but even with the 50% off (which brings it to $825), it's still too steep for my weeping wallet.

(photo: )

Hollow Tree - Arthur Russell

You might be thinking "enough with the trees already!", but I had to show you this lovely bag from Isadoa , $86.

(Photos: Nimli )

Midvikudags - Bjork

I kept my fingers crossed that this beautiful jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters would find it's way into my stocking on Christmas morning. It didn't. But I did find an array of super cheap UO sale rack tops, from my sister, stuffed in my stocking. I returned half of them and with the money left, I purchased the jewelry stand.

Hopefully, once I manage to work through my stock of perfumes and hair products (most of the bottles are halfway empty), my dresser, will be manageable and pretty and I can show this lovely piece off.

Trees have been such a staple in a design for the last year or so. Generate , my favourite design website can supply you with more tree goods than you might ever need.

Tree hooked by WAT Design , $79

Or perhaps a projection of trees on your wall?:

Lumen Trees by Adam Frank ,$59 each

Reveal by Adam Frank , $389

(Photos: Urbn , Myself and Generate )

Monday, January 21, 2008

Untitled 4 - Sigur Ros

Today was a lovely, lazy day off. I finished this skirt (I started it a while back, but have been so busy). I absolutely love it, it's got a paper bag waist and I will be wearing it with many a sweater. I also did some shopping and tidied up my room.

Hello, my name is Imelda and I have a problem. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. . .

Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police

Bush greeting another satisfied customer. Happy MLK Day!

(photo: BBC, of course )

Alright - Jamiroquai

So the Kirsten Dunst, Mui Mui ads have leaked to the internet and they're actually quite sweet. They're still airbrushed to the nines but not as badly as the Lindsay Lohan ads last year. I mean, at least I recognize her in some of the photos . . . and that's a good thing.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I Saw The Light - Bat For Lashes

One again, Peas' very close relation and her partner in crime, have managed to produce a collection which is utterly swoon worthy. The girls of Permanent Vacation always keep it simple and sweet but innovative. I am awed by their skill and dedication but also inspired. Makes me wish for spring followed by hazy summer days. Come spring, come. . .

(Photos: Permanent Vacation )

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Drive Alone - Esthero

Having a crush is so much fun. Even if it's only there for one night (before reality, discouragement and disappointment sets in and you begin to think "things don't always work the way you wish they did so I'm probably better on my own"). But it's still fun to smile and flirt. And if I were going on a date and money were no object, I would love to wear this beautiful dress by Deborah Sweeney.

(Photo: No One , one of my favourite boutiques in London).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calling All Kids - Arthur Russell (Walter Gibbons Remix)

Is it possible to have two heros in one week? (Read the article all the way through, the best is at the end).

Corey Delaney, I salut you!
(I salute you for your end remarks. I do not salute people pelting police officers with rocks and bottles. Not cool. They're people too).

I love his bright, yellow "party kid" sunglasses and tried on several similar pairs today in a shop. The closest I've found have been these from Topshop . And they're clearly not bright and obnoxious enough.

(Photos: Topshop and Australian Broadcasting Company)

Monday, January 14, 2008

The New York Editor - Amon Tobin

It was my first day off in months! And I spent it with Peas doing everything we love. (Coffee and fashion magazines). I recently came to the conclusion that New York made me really sad. I won't be moving back there again unless I find love or a really awesome job. Otherwise I'll keep a safe distance and visit once in a while. I have yet to figure out why it made me so sad (it can be kind of lonely), but from the looks of this British Marie Claire fashion shoot. . . I was doing it all wrong! I clearly wasn't laying around in my underwear enough (while reading the paper), nor did I ever go rollerskating. All snideness aside, I love the clothing and thought it was a very pretty shoot.

(Photos: British Marie Claire)

Mother - Blond Redhead

Last weekend, my mother and I went to the DC Health and Fitness fair and spent some time together. She collected lots of free stuff (my Mum's favourite hobby). We ran on treadmills, watched cooking demonstrations, sat in long lines for free tote bags (laughed about the strange guy behind us and his obsession with television local news anchors), got skin cancer screenings and high fived each other for being black. Then we had dinner with my Dad at a tapas restaurant.

The Tapas restaurant was across the street from Urban Outfitters so we went in and had a browse. It's okay if you want to call bullshit on me right now. I realize I have a love/hate relationship with that store and I can admit it. But my mother and I proceeded to have continue our fun day whilst in Urban Outfitters. You must understand, when I use to drag her in this store while I was in high school, she'd have her hands over her ears (because the music was too loud), complain about prices and the cut of the clothing. But on Saturday, we browsed the book section and I updated her on my life.

We don't have a lot in common (we hold different tastes in pretty much everything. . . sometimes I feel we are oceans apart) but it was fun to show her the book "Wall and Piece" (Matt's Christmas present) and explain some of Banky's messages. It was also wonderful to show her parts of my neighborhood in London that she had actually walked through but didn't remember. She actually thought a lot of the art was "creative" (in her own words).

I then showed her the Misshapes book and explain that whilst in New York, I spent a day with them (for the mag) and went to one of their parties later on that evening. She nodded her head and smiled, because I knew she generally had no idea how I was spending my days in New York. And for that brief day. . . Mum and I didn't feel oceans apart.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Niobe - Caribou

I don't really care for Anthropologie . I find them grossly overpriced and like their sister store Urban Outfitters they make it far too easy for people with no personal style to walk into a store and purchase someone elses style. I hate that. I mean what's the fun in that? Fashion should be about experimenting and trial and error. But like Urban Outfitters I occasionally find something on the sale rack that is tolerable and I purchase it (only to find a year later, I have hardly worn it and it looks surprisingly frumpier than it did in the store). Regardless, I'm still a sucker for their marketing (probably done by some poor Parsons graduate who makes $35k a year to run the ship).
The recent email I received was a play on New Year's Resolutions and according to my taste in their selection, I resolve to:



JOURNAL DAILY (or rather more)

Which is bizarrely accurate (with the exception of the "journal daily" jacket which looks like a freakin' doily). Damn they're good.

(Photos: Anthropologie, duh! )

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Woman of Heart And Mind - Joni Mitchell

Without you I wouldn't have:

Snake stories
Oceans and Blue Skies - Swallow
Iced lattes from Dunkin' D
A healed thumb (it might have fallen off)

Bomb shelters stocked with fashion mags, coffee maker, etc.
Love of Target and Payless
Oh my god, $3 shoes
My best friend

(If you're interested in buying a Love toaster, you can find more information about it here)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Do You Hear? - Mr. Scruff

Did you hear? The Golden Globes have been cancelled this year because of the Writers Guild of America strike!
Do you hear that sound?
It's just the sweet sound of me not caring. . .

(PS- But I do love Drew Barrymore. In an interview she admitted that this dress was a bad pick on her end. I kind of like the dress but I see what she's getting at. . . )

Paristocrats - Gonzales

Never the bridesmaid, never the bride. The most I have gotten has been the "guestbook girl" which doesn't really count. It's like when you can't participate in a sport so you have to be the score keeper by default. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with having never been in a wedding. . . I think of it as money I never had to waste on an ugly dress. However these days, things are changing and simplicity and class is trendy! (Let's all take a moment to savour this trend and hope that it stays around for awhile). Simple Dress is a company that is devoted to making simple bridesmaid dresses that you might actually want to wear again and again. No one I know of has lucked out yet with the wedding formulas and actually purchased a dress they could wear again. But we can always hope.

And while we're talking about it. We simply cannot deny that J. Crew has gotten the wedding formula perfected. I have yet to see one of these dresses in person, but I'm willing to bet they're probably very pretty.

A very good friend of mine is getting married this year. She's finally decided that France, will be the place of wed. Now we just need a date (in both meanings of the word). But I'm so excited! My older sister is one of the bridesmaids. To me, I think: vacation, maybe a week in Italy before with my sisters and their boyfriends (we've been talking about doing the Italian coast a lot lately). But it also brings a bit of sadness to mind. There is a man I once adored in France.

When we said our goodbyes at the airport, he told me he wasn't sad because we would see each other again soon. I didn't believe that for a second (but I never stopped hoping). Now, months later, I am fearful that we will bump into each other in the city he resides. I find whenever you don't want to see someone, that is when a city becomes infinitely smaller.
One thing is true. Since it won't be you I take to the wedding, I'm quite sure I will find someone whom I like better than you this year.
(Edit: But will be hard. Because you are great. You know that. I should hope to find someone I like as much as you. Since we can't be happy together).

Note: My friend who is getting married in France this year complained about the J. Crew bridesmaid dress she wore in another wedding. I believe she referred to it as "frumpy". But I think that was just her being sulky. She does that from time to time. . . that's why we're such great friends!

(Photos: Simple Dress , J. Crew , Post Secret and Flickr )