Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calling All Kids - Arthur Russell (Walter Gibbons Remix)

Is it possible to have two heros in one week? (Read the article all the way through, the best is at the end).

Corey Delaney, I salut you!
(I salute you for your end remarks. I do not salute people pelting police officers with rocks and bottles. Not cool. They're people too).

I love his bright, yellow "party kid" sunglasses and tried on several similar pairs today in a shop. The closest I've found have been these from Topshop . And they're clearly not bright and obnoxious enough.

(Photos: Topshop and Australian Broadcasting Company)


silver screen pipe dreams said...

I laughed when I read that article too, and his obvious absence of remorse. His glasses and whole demeanor are pretty cool too. I guess this means we're still kids! yay!

etoilee8 said...

I definitely know I'm still pretty immature. The first thing I thought when I read it was "awesome"! But I kinda secretly think that's everyone's reaction.