Monday, January 14, 2008

Mother - Blond Redhead

Last weekend, my mother and I went to the DC Health and Fitness fair and spent some time together. She collected lots of free stuff (my Mum's favourite hobby). We ran on treadmills, watched cooking demonstrations, sat in long lines for free tote bags (laughed about the strange guy behind us and his obsession with television local news anchors), got skin cancer screenings and high fived each other for being black. Then we had dinner with my Dad at a tapas restaurant.

The Tapas restaurant was across the street from Urban Outfitters so we went in and had a browse. It's okay if you want to call bullshit on me right now. I realize I have a love/hate relationship with that store and I can admit it. But my mother and I proceeded to have continue our fun day whilst in Urban Outfitters. You must understand, when I use to drag her in this store while I was in high school, she'd have her hands over her ears (because the music was too loud), complain about prices and the cut of the clothing. But on Saturday, we browsed the book section and I updated her on my life.

We don't have a lot in common (we hold different tastes in pretty much everything. . . sometimes I feel we are oceans apart) but it was fun to show her the book "Wall and Piece" (Matt's Christmas present) and explain some of Banky's messages. It was also wonderful to show her parts of my neighborhood in London that she had actually walked through but didn't remember. She actually thought a lot of the art was "creative" (in her own words).

I then showed her the Misshapes book and explain that whilst in New York, I spent a day with them (for the mag) and went to one of their parties later on that evening. She nodded her head and smiled, because I knew she generally had no idea how I was spending my days in New York. And for that brief day. . . Mum and I didn't feel oceans apart.


silver screen pipe dreams said...

yay! I'm so glad you had a good day with her, and that those good feelings weren't ruined by the time you went home, as mine usually are. And that you high fived each other for being black. You're so lame, but also less likely to get skin cancer, so go you.

etoilee8 said...

Lame yes . . . skin cancer free, hopefully. But I still slather on my sun block like any other smart human.