Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Niobe - Caribou

I don't really care for Anthropologie . I find them grossly overpriced and like their sister store Urban Outfitters they make it far too easy for people with no personal style to walk into a store and purchase someone elses style. I hate that. I mean what's the fun in that? Fashion should be about experimenting and trial and error. But like Urban Outfitters I occasionally find something on the sale rack that is tolerable and I purchase it (only to find a year later, I have hardly worn it and it looks surprisingly frumpier than it did in the store). Regardless, I'm still a sucker for their marketing (probably done by some poor Parsons graduate who makes $35k a year to run the ship).
The recent email I received was a play on New Year's Resolutions and according to my taste in their selection, I resolve to:



JOURNAL DAILY (or rather more)

Which is bizarrely accurate (with the exception of the "journal daily" jacket which looks like a freakin' doily). Damn they're good.

(Photos: Anthropologie, duh! )

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