Monday, January 7, 2008

Paristocrats - Gonzales

Never the bridesmaid, never the bride. The most I have gotten has been the "guestbook girl" which doesn't really count. It's like when you can't participate in a sport so you have to be the score keeper by default. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with having never been in a wedding. . . I think of it as money I never had to waste on an ugly dress. However these days, things are changing and simplicity and class is trendy! (Let's all take a moment to savour this trend and hope that it stays around for awhile). Simple Dress is a company that is devoted to making simple bridesmaid dresses that you might actually want to wear again and again. No one I know of has lucked out yet with the wedding formulas and actually purchased a dress they could wear again. But we can always hope.

And while we're talking about it. We simply cannot deny that J. Crew has gotten the wedding formula perfected. I have yet to see one of these dresses in person, but I'm willing to bet they're probably very pretty.

A very good friend of mine is getting married this year. She's finally decided that France, will be the place of wed. Now we just need a date (in both meanings of the word). But I'm so excited! My older sister is one of the bridesmaids. To me, I think: vacation, maybe a week in Italy before with my sisters and their boyfriends (we've been talking about doing the Italian coast a lot lately). But it also brings a bit of sadness to mind. There is a man I once adored in France.

When we said our goodbyes at the airport, he told me he wasn't sad because we would see each other again soon. I didn't believe that for a second (but I never stopped hoping). Now, months later, I am fearful that we will bump into each other in the city he resides. I find whenever you don't want to see someone, that is when a city becomes infinitely smaller.
One thing is true. Since it won't be you I take to the wedding, I'm quite sure I will find someone whom I like better than you this year.
(Edit: But will be hard. Because you are great. You know that. I should hope to find someone I like as much as you. Since we can't be happy together).

Note: My friend who is getting married in France this year complained about the J. Crew bridesmaid dress she wore in another wedding. I believe she referred to it as "frumpy". But I think that was just her being sulky. She does that from time to time. . . that's why we're such great friends!

(Photos: Simple Dress , J. Crew , Post Secret and Flickr )

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