Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Silent Sigh - Badly Drawn Boy

It never ceases to amaze me, how rude and curt people get away with being in television. It's like fashion, except people throw nastier tantrums and are generally uglier, aestitically speaking. I have been sworn at, screamed at, threatened and lest, I persevere because I know one day I'm going to create something really amazing that I can be so very proud of.
Tonight, I was standing on the metro platform in the blistering freezing cold when I looked to my right and noticed a very prominent producer in my company standing next to me. His department makes amazing programming and somehow, I managed to remind him that we stood in the elevator together, blurted out my name and asked if I could send him my resume. (I'm not usually so agressive but in the television world, you don't pass up an opportunity that's sitting right in front of you). He glanced me up and down and asked which department I belonged to. I told him and briefly explained my situation. With a nonchalant toss of his head, he half smirked and said "it's a long shot, but sure why not. . . "
In most other businesses his response would have been considered beyond rude. In television, it's still rude but totally acceptable. I smirked back and said "thanks so much, I'll make sure it finds it's way to your desk". And I fully intend on doing exactly that. I'm not scared off that easily.

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