Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Mine - Portishead (sexy, jazzed up Roseland version)

It is bad for me, not to work. No, it's not that I miss work dearly (actually quite the opposite, I sincerely hate working). But when I'm not working, I spend money like water! (Coffee, magazines, shoes, diner visits, etc). I talked about Salvation Army and Goodwill last week and let me tell you, I have been ripping it up at both lately. By the time you read this blog, the shoulder pads will have been ripped out of the yellow jacket, for fear of resembling Hillary Rodham Clinton. But the blue jacket looks great as is and with necklaces piled on it reminds me of an infamous Chanel jacket (which I'll probably never be able to afford).

I don't feel so guilty about purchasing items from charity shops though. At the rate which we produce utter crap on this planet, you're doing everyone a favour when you buy used goods. And there's always the "good cause" factor. Everybody wins!

The charity shop purchases don't stop there. I'll post more tomorrow when I'm finished tweaking and sewing.

By the way, did you hear Portishead is coming out with another album in April? The 16-year-old-girl in me is practically pissing her pants with joy. (But being totally snobbishly, nonchalant about it in that way 16-year-old's know so well). The album Dummy, changed my life and made me realized that being sulky and moody is perfectly acceptable behaviour and far better when you have a good soundtrack playing in the background. . .


Secretista said...

I wish there were more good-will like stores in my area.

etoilee8 said...

I am lucky, my goodwill is AWESOME. I will be posting more of my finds, soon. You're gonna be amazed (as I was).