Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Come Play In The Milky Night - Stereolab

DC is moving on up! Sarti's coming to town. And I am beyond excited for the gallery opening party. Amy, mark your calendar!


Chubbs said...

this is beyond cool! I will be in NYC by then :-(

Jackson said...

This article made me think of you and your blog:
London, Fashion, and my hatred for rampant consumption :D
I'm still a fan of that whole Japanese mute tone with a splash of color thing. And women not wearing pants so tight that their feets die.

Apresenta Concept said...


etoilee8 said...

I love both looks apresenta. The first one reminds me of a modern day Holly Golightly. . . and Brent, I'm never a fan of wearing pants so tight my feet die. Lil' sis calls the skinny leg jean phenomenon the "skinny leg waddle", because some people think that buying skinny jeans equates to jeans so small you can't move, thus creating a waddle when you walk.