Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fortress Around Your Heart - Sting

Why do I need my true love, when I have Tom, Dick and Harry? (Second runner up, "Curly, Larry and Moe").

One of these boys is:

a. A serial snuggler.
b. A sloppy kisser.
c. Better watch his back because I'm gonna lay one on him.

In another life, these girls were:

a. My soul mate and muse.
b. my wifey who's cooking puts Nigella to shame.

And these two have grown so fast, like the turn of a page.

(Illustration: Some E Cards , send some rudeness today. . . )


Secretista said...

haha I love the card!

Chubbs said...

Oh man, i'm catching this post so late in the day...but those cards are so me!

etoilee8 said...

Some E cards makes my sides split regularly. They're great for friends and exes. I sent the one that said "I miss being mad at you", to someone I was once involved with. Not sure how well that one went over :)

Meredyth said...

Ha! I was sending these cards back and forth to the boy I flirt with all day. And I love your photo essay. that boy better watch out.