Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hey - Tipsy


Me: I'm so glad you picked up. I was worried you were avoiding me. Sorry I'm just calling now, I stupidly left my phone on the kitchen counter today.

JacksonB: No problem, I was just napping.

Me: And somehow I knew you were napping. You nap more than most infants I know.

JacksonB: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Me: So you want to get coffee and maybe breakfast? (Current time, 10:00pm)

JacksonB: Yeah. When you coming over? I still have to brush my teeth, tidy up. . .

Me: I can be there in ten minutes. Or maybe longer. I feel the need to shower and I don't know why. Hmmm.

JacksonB: That's funny. . . you don't know why?

Me: Nope. Oh wait, I do know why. Because I didn't shower this morning. And I managed to leave the house looking sufficiently wrinkled.

JacksonB: (Trying not to laugh too hard).

Me: Oh, go brush your teeth! I'll be over in thirty minutes.

(We did have our coffee at Amphoras, three cups each. . . we also split pancakes, listened to music until 4:30 in the morning and split a bottle of wine).

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