Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mellow Yellow - Donovan

I definitely want some yellow in my wardrobe this spring. It really works with my skin tone, so I'm gonna run as far and fast as I can with this trend. The shorts are Staerk. But everything else is Philip Lim, who got it so right this S/S 2008


When I was a teenager and spending my summers in the south of France with my father, my sisters and that crazy pack of British, Dutch, Swiss, German kids we used to hang out with (read: get drunk with), we would go to "the port" at least once a week. Most of our nights were spent roaming our familiar neighborhoods, but every now and then, it was nice to take our shenanighans to an unfamiliar space. At the port we would drink (of course), go to clubs and stay out until 6am. (Then sleep it off on the beach the next day). The only catch was that the port was only accessible to us by commuter bus, which was a quick ten minute ride. We would always agree to meet at the bus stop at a certain time, but when you're dealing with twenty disorganized people, nothing ever happens on time.
One night, we had all boarded the bus at the appropriate time and were well on our way to a good night of debauchery. But that night's debauchery actually started on the bus when all 20 (maybe 25) of us broke out into a "Mellow Yellow" sing-a-long (complete with one friend imitating the trombone solo), much to the horror of our fellow French passengers. I don't know who started it, but the song is purely addictive. And once you start singing it, you just can't stop, not until it's finished at least. We knew it was obnoxious, but duuuuuude, that's what being a teenager is ALL ABOUT. Who says Americans don't know how to behave themselves abroad???

(All photos: La Garconne and Style.com )

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