Monday, February 18, 2008

Partie Sept - Yonderboi

I am overcome with the desire to purchase this perfume (I do have a Saks gift card, burning a hole in my pocket from Christmas). Normally I hate perfume advertisements in magazines. I leave them shut, because they inevitably stink up the magazine and give me such a pounding headache. I don't buy a lot of perfumes because I prefer unusual scents as to the regular run-of-the-miller, floral and fruity stock. This perfume, smells clean, kind of powdery, doesn't give me a headache. Its got a hint of sweetness and a whole lot of je ne sais pas. I might be sold.

I have to admit, I was intrigued by the advertising. So seventies, so sweet, so innocent, such cute girls. $10 says these three girls will be on the cover of next month's Nylon. Actually, don't bet me, you'll lose. . .
Reminds me of this photo of Peas which I love so much.

Actually Peas, you look just as sweet as they do, but you need to be shirtless . . . c'mon, get yer tits out (my favourite British slang term).

(Photos: Miss At La Playa and robbed from Pea's unsuspecting myspace page. You just wait, she'll put her page on lock down from this moment on.)

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