Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ready 2 Wear - Felix Da Housecat

I love Italians. I really do. I love the way they make coffee and I love their attitude towards . . . well everything. Fed was grumpy as hell some days. . . but I just adored him. Sometime in July, I was strolling down Fifth Avenue with Fed at our normal accelerated pace. Whilst trying to sip coffee and dodge tourists, my eye was caught by the bright and shiny windows of Bottega Veneta. I stupidly asked Fed if he was familiar with Bottega Veneta. By the look on his face, I realized I had put my foot in my mouth. He practically snorted his coffee out through his nose as he scoffed, "Of course! They're Italian!". Clearly offended. In my defense, there are plenty of Americans who don't know who Marc Jacobs is. . .but if you're reading this blog, you do. But then that's the difference between Italy and America. . . and that's a whole 'nother blog entry.

I absolutely loved Bottega Veneta's A/W 2008 show. I look forward to wearing lots of Bottega Veneta in my 30's and 40's and being one of those elegant ladies that practically floats through the room. I'll solemnly promise to wear it well. (I only say my 30's and 40's because I can't afford it now).

And here's one more reason to love Italians! Just incase you need further convincing.

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