Friday, February 22, 2008

Shrimp - Mr. Scruff

So I got the glorious A.P.C. trousers and I KNOW they will be the pants I live in this summer. I love everything about them, the colour, the shape, the leg. . . one small problem. They are big. (And A.P.C. generally cuts things pretty small).

I know I've recently lost some weight, but the only thing that fits decently is the thigh. I feel like the incredible shrinking woman. And let's not forget the leg length. Why does every clothing label cut their pants for Amber Valetta? Meanwhile, the majority of us, just have to trim them down to size. Even paired with my tallest shoes, you still cannot see my feet (and I'm 5'7).

Luckily, my sis is coming down from New York this weekend, so I simply sent her by the A.P.C. store in Soho yesterday to pick up the next smallest size. Let's hope one of them works!


Secretista said...

I love them!

etoilee8 said...

Thanks! They make me pretty happy :) I miss certain things about New York, like popping into A.P.C. after work. . . of course if I were living there, I probably would not be able to afford these pants. . .