Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soleil Soleil - Ilya

Like the rest of the blogosphere, I've gone a bit sandal crazy lately. If you're not a fan of t-straps, you are REALLY out of luck this summer. Most of the sandals I adore follow a pretty simliar model, just varying in price. I've organized them based on lifestyles I have lead (and lifestyles I'll lead one day).

Condo in suburbia:

Urban Outfitters and Delias for the girl on a budget.

Rented Loft in Brooklyn:

The yellow frill sandals from Topshop are only 22 pounds. . . but once you factor in shipping, it's not so cheap anymore. The rest of these shoes are from Office and they range 30-35 pounds. . . which is pricey for flat sandals, but some of them are totally swoon worthy.

Apartment in London and Paris:

The Finsk for Topshop sandals, I fell in love with upon first sight. But at 175 pounds and up, they are hardly a sight for sore eyes (and a sore pocketbook).

The Chie Mihara sandals I've been in love with since I saw them in a catalog last month. Everything Chie makes is absolutely lovely and too steep for me.

The Cri de Coeur sandals are also worthy of a stroll by the Seine. But, in comparison to the above, not my favourite (and still very steep, $175).

(Photos: , , Ravin Style , Chie and of course, where would we be without ?)

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