Monday, February 4, 2008

Sure Thing - St. Germain

Do you ever have days when you walk into Salvation Army (or your home town charity shop) and find the most perfect item? It fits, it's perfect and you just know you should leave then and there because you will not find anything in the entire shop that will top it's awesomeness? That's how I feel about these shoes. They are flippin' awesome. (And only $5).

And as I walked up to the register to pay, I found this necklace just waiting for me to buy it ($3). And I left a happy, happy camper.

The shoes even got my Mum's seal of approval.


Chubbs said...

I love those shoes--I own a very similar pair in black and off-white (not as cool as yours)--and I've had them for a couple years but have only worn them about three times. I notice, when I dare to wear them (and I try very hard not to match them to anything)...they add that perfect zing to whatever I'm wearing.

Note: they seem to appeal mostly to middle-aged men when I wear them. Maybe it's cuz they give a hint of Kathrine Hepburn-inspired style.

etoilee8 said...

Middle aged men like them? Well they're in luck because I kind of like middle aged men :)

Still basking in the glory of my find. . . I've been on the look out for shoes like this for about two years but I've never found such a perfect fit. My father told me that I looked like my Uncle Walt. . . who wasn't really my uncle, but an extremely dapper man, all the same.

Chubbs said...

Your dad sounds like a cutie pie! I'm telling you, older men love these shoes. Maybe it's also cuz most of 'em own a I can't wait to see what you wear them with. The times I've worn mine, I've warn them with the same pair of wide-legged brown trousers...but I always envy the bravery of a woman who can pull them off with a skirt and no hosiery. I saw a middle-aged woman on the metro doing it--and I thought--"how eccentric and effortlessly cool!!!"

I'm a shoe geek--can you tell ;-)

etoilee8 said...

I am going to brave the dress and tights tomorrow with the shoes. Problem is they're brown, which kind of clashes with black but. . . . I don't really care! So that solves that problem. I will most certainly take a photo. Today I wore them with jeans and a top, it was fairly boring. But tomorrow. ..oh tomorrow. . .