Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet Georgia Brown - Stephane Grappelli

Sister, so sweet o' mine was sitting in Veselka (a favourite brunch spot of ours) avec la boyfriend, and she couldn't help but to notice the stunning girl sitting at the next table. She knew she had seen her, but where? Is she a friend of so-and-sos? A local in the lower east side that you see everywhere, twice a day even? Oh wait no. . . that's Agyness Deyn, only one of our favourite models. So my sister called my cell phone and left me a message (because I'm probably the only one we know that would share her enthusiam), but I couldn't pick up because I was having a really nice massage and purring like a kitten.

All these photos are from the Anna Sui show, borrowed from Dazed Digital . If you haven't subscribed to Dazed Digital yet, you might want to. Always fresh, ahead-of-the-pack and chock full of amazing content. And it's an amazing taster of the full length magazine, which I can only afford once in a very blue moon.


Secretista said...

Ah! So cool!

I'm a Dazed Digital member, but I don't know how to browse around it!

Chubbs said...

I love Veselka! It's a fav of mine and my bff. How can such a large city be so darn small?