Monday, March 31, 2008

School Days - Chuck Berry

Speaking of Dad's wardrobe. . . this month's Nylon has an article about Chuck Taylors. When Fonda and I found ourselves in Providence, Rhode Island with nowhere to go and nothing to do, we called out to the boys getting out of the car next to us,
"Excuse me, where's a good place to drink?"
They not only direct us, but they also accompanied us. Those boys, quickly became our dear friends and town tour guides. The boys' roommate, who they shared a loft with, designed for Converse one summer. . .so there were more Converse samples in that house than you could shake a stick at. Here's just a sampling of the wares. (The loft was filled to the brim with shoes. . .on the window sill, in boxes. . . everywhere). In my second building in New York, there lived a guy who designed for K-Swiss and he used to throw his samples in our basement. I got really excited until I realized they were all left feet. Trash bags full of left feet.

Liberty London Girl and I, must have been on the same wave, as she blogged today about these fabulous limited edition Converse sneakers by Hiroshi Fujiwara. . . of course they come in an amazing colour of red. . .of course they're only available in London. . .

Tomorrow Is Already Here - Stereolab

I present to you, my father who arte hipper than I. (Far right and his brothers).
It is 1994 and my father gives me a lift to elementary school in his '65 silver Mercedes convertible. I remember feeling slight embarrassment over all the attention it attracted. I was definitely drinking the suburbia cool aid. All I wanted, was for my father to wear was horrid pressed chinos and hideous button downs from the Gap like all the other fathers. Instead, my father wore aviator sunglasses (which I now own), black Chuck Taylors, Adidas track suits (authentic from the 70's. . .which my sister has now claimed as her own). But the WORSE offender (in my silly little mind). . . the Members Only jacket. I used to cringe every time he pulled it out of the closet.

What goes around, comes around, eh Pops? (Salvation Army, $3).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Je t'aime moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Today was fairly busy, I assisted on a photo shoot, which I won't post the pictures for yet. . .but they're coming soon. It was another impromptu one. . . but heaps of fun. I wore:

Jeans: Acne
Blazer: thrift
Sweater: J.Crew
Shoes: Target

Ballet flats in the woods. . . don't work. Bit of clever advice for you, as I've now got a shoe full of dirt.

But before that, I woke the Thinker , and she and I went to grab coffee. I live for Starbucks messing up my order. They upgrade you to a bigger size and give you a coupon for a free drink (if they don't, ASK for it). Score!

But at the blessed Army of Salvation, my day got even better. I am cutting myself off with the scarf collecting. They're just so cheap. . .and I always find one I like. Meanwhile these sandals reminded me of a pair that I begged for, for my 10th birthday. I got them and wore them until they fell apart.

I watched "Paris, Je T'aime" today and I thought it was appropriate. I won't lie to you, I rented it just incase I need to swear at someone in French. Wanted to brush up. A good mix of happy, sad and weird. Highly recommend.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bluebird - The Rosebuds

I'm back my darlings! Have you missed me? I've missed you. I went on a roadtrip with my dear friend to Rhode Island (Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. . . to be exact). Do you ever feel like you need a roadtrip to clear your head and think clearly? Twenty hours in the car will do exactly that. I felt like Fonda and I caught up on years missed out of our lives. So, I'm back, and in full bloom. . .

I want to wear my new cardi from Old Navy every day. Those of you that still don't shop there, have no idea what you're missing out on. It's gotten very good. I thought the colour was a little bit "last summer", but colour trends are kind of silly. . . wear what makes you feel wonderful.

Bag: Marimekko
Dress: Urban Renewal (UO)
Shoes: Pink Studio

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mary - Yann Tiersen & Elizabeth Fraser

Today, I had some serious errand running to do. . .not to mention taking my friend Fonda to three different art museums, all whilst preparing to go out of town. (If you're in DC, I highly recommend seeing In The Forest of Fontainebleau ). I still have packing to do, but I thought I'd blog instead. . . very responsible. I felt somewhat inspired by this photo from the film "Jules et Jim". It was far too cold to wear espadrilles today. I might as well though. . . the ballet slippers really served no purpose in the "warmth" department. Sometimes I am so logical, it kills me.

(Photo: )

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seems Hard - The Cardigans

Eight is my favourite number. So I felt pleased and honored when K. Line tagged me to fill out this survey. This required a bit of thought on my end. . . but I'm pretty satisfied with my answers. Thanks K. Line!

(Oh and Peas , Thinker , Chubbs , Secretista , Jamesy and whoever else would like to jump on it. . . consider yourself TAGGED).

8 Things I am Passionate About

1. music (my life has a soundtrack for every moment)
2. ballet (I am clumsy but when I dance I feel graceful and sometimes beautiful)
3. furniture (with a preference towards American mid-century design)
4. Europe (I feel grounded, happy and safe there).
5. fashion (when I make something functional and pretty. . . I feel proud)
6. trains (have train, will travel)
7. treating others the way I would want to be treated
8. tea and coffee (which is probably why I have sleep issues. . . )

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Publish a book of short stories from my life (I've got tales. . .)
2. Dance on pointe, teach ballet to underprivileged children
3. Move back to Europe and live in: Paris, Stockholm, maybe Rome.
4. Have a write up in Vanity Fair, for doing something great
5. Sell my designs
6. Inspire little girls like myself
7. Take my family and friends on an amazing vacation
8. Have some babies. . . with someone wonderful. . .

8 Things I Say Too Often

1. I'm coming. . . (always late)
2. F*ck
3. I was thinking. . .
4. Coffee?
5. Fine.
6. Whatever.
7. This is one of my favourite songs. . .
8. Alright, alright, alright, alright. . . (said as the Matthew McConaughey character from Dazed and Confused)

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1. Kafka On The Shore (Haruki Murakami)
2. Life Is Elsewhere (Milan Kundera)
3. Front Row: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor In Chief (Jerry Oppenheimer)
4. Making Love (Jean-Philippe Toussaint)
5. Slim (Cynthia Rowley)
6. Bohemian Modern, Living In Silver Lake (Barbara Bestor)
7. What Did I Do Last Night? (Tom Sykes)
8. The 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene) . . . a continuous read as it's very long

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over Again
(Just EIGHT!!?? That's really tough! Here's some random ones that keep appearing on my i-Pod like old friends)

1. My Tiger, My Timing - Arthur Russell
2. She - The Sundays
3. It Could Be Sweet - Portishead
4. Hairy Trees - Goldfrapp
5. Little Girl Blue - Nina Simone or Chet Baker
6. When It Happens, It Moves All By Itself - Telefon Tel Aviv
7. Perverted Undertone - Prefuse 73
8. You Don't Have To Cry - Crosby, Stills and Nash

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends

1. sense of humour (impeccably filthy, somewhat sarcastic, with a hint of self deprecation)
2. intelligence
3. dependability
4. kindness
5. ability to love
6. wanderlust
7. integrity
8. ability to dream. . . and a genuine want to make the world a better place

Hiding Your Present From You - Arthur Russell

I love gift giving. I love unexpected presents. I love care packages. This dress above is far from perfect. . . still has some technical techniques to work out. But when I saw the jersey, I knew it would look perfect on my younger sister (she wears a lot of rusty red). I don't see her a lot, she lives in NYC, I live here. So it's important to spoil her sometimes. It'll probably be too big in some places (dearest is a twig), but I hope she likes it. It's my own design. And I hope I'm not spoiling the surprise by posting it here. It will be perfect for spring time in the city.

My old friend Fonds is in town visiting. . . we're going to go on a long drive and take it easy. I don't think she thought I would be remember her birthday. . . but oh did I ever. . .

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tits on the Radio - Scissor Sisters

Peas and I came across this glorious book at our local bookstore. Never in my life have I seen so many pairs of real boobs and I found it refreshing. And the photography's got that sixties, dewey haziness to it. Like, guilty nine-year-olds we cautiously thumbed through only stopping to commentate with, "that's a good set", "those are over the top" and the ever-so-prudish, "oh my word", while also peeking over our shoulders to make sure no other customers were offended by our choice of reading material. I recommend every girl take a peek at that book. It's definitely a "boys" book and I was totally titted out by the time I closed it. . . but it made me feel so pleased with my own set of knockers. In the words of the Bloodhound Gang. . . "hurray for boobies". . .

I keep threatening to buy my sister this book for her birthday. She is already the proud owner of "The Gas We Pass" and "Everyone Poops". I find these books to be awesome and hilarious.

I'd like to thank:
1. My great grandmother and all my ancestors. . . for the good DNA.
2. Calvin Klein. . . for making sweet, girlish bras which give you a nice silhouette.
3. H&M. . . for making dainty flannel shirts with buttons that reveal just enough skin.
4. Gravity. . . for holdin' them high.

(Photo: Taschen )

And now. . . A Video. . .

Try to watch this video, without wanting to jump up from your crummy office chair and wave your hands in the air (like you just don't care). I guarentee you will have difficulties. Yelle. . . Uffie. . . these girls in France are really making their musical marks right now.

Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong (Piano Works)

You entered my life, like a hurricane.
Shook it upside down like a snow globe.
It rained drizzles of happiness and torrential downpours of sadness.
And yet, I can't hate you. I never really could. Even when I was trying.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Retreated Lightly - Moss

Nothing's sacred from America any more (H&M, Mango, Zara and next year Topshop too). You use to be rewarded for saving your pennies to travel abroad by the expected, "oh my god, where'd you buy that?" (upon returning with a mysteriously fashionable wardrobe). . . to which I would reply (trying very hard not to be smirky):
"Oh I bought it abroad". (Smirk, smirk). Similar to the response Japanese girls give you when you ask them where they bought something and you already know in your head that they purchased it in Japan.
But since I'm not smirking so much these days. . . I'm wondering when Skandinavia is going to fork over Din Sko to us. Resistance is futile guys. . . we will get your shoes. I want those shoes so badly, I can almost taste them. That sounds so ridiculous but that line stays in the blog. . .
(Photos: Din Sko )

Woyaya - Art Garfunkel

With all the grey skies and rain, I have had plenty of time to sew to my hearts content. Dresses, as always, (which I'll post about later), but my favourite creation is this copy cat wrap sweater. Bev Malik (buyer for Browns), is sporting Martin Margiela .

I realize I look so grumpy in one of those photos. Some days my smile looks unbearably cheesy. Anywho. . . my version cost $5 in fabric and a few hours to figure it out. I will try my darndest to explain. . .

1. You need two yards of very light weight, sheer poly jersey. . . two yards is a safe bet. . .
2. Drape over your shoulders and make the appropriate length of both edges (you don't want it dragging the ground.
3. Find a t-shirt that has a great fit in the arms and measure the shoulder blade.
4. Getting the arms is tough but it's best to measure where your shoulders fall and work from there.
5. Find some nice sleeves and loosely mimic them. . .

(The cool thing about this project is that there's so much fabric and plenty of room for mistakes. . . don't worry. . . just have fun! )

(Photo: The Amazing Jak and Jil )

Grey - Simian

This evening, lil' sis is at a glamourous magazine party. . . sending me boredom textes. . .reporting on who's doing what.

But I am here. Watching the rain. Even though I miss the parties and all the excitement, I don't miss the city entirely. Nice to visit, nice to leave. I can breathe easier here. I might be going up next week and I am already sort of dreading it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Christine Bonilla - Joy Zipper

The new Kate Moss collection for Topshop launched today and as usual. . . I think most of the pieces won't look good on anyone short of Kate Moss. . . however there's always one or two items which totally hook me in.

I'm such a sucker for anything mint green. Something about that color is calming and I fall for a poofy dress.

More sandals! You're surprised, right? I haven't bought any, yet for this upcoming summer, but I'm certainly making my rounds and doing my research. Unfortunately Topshop's shoes always run just a teensy bit small on my size 10 feet. Sour grapes! Something about the combination of the dress and shoes together makes me think about drinking cocktails with my friends and listening to Joy Zipper on a scorching summer day. . .

(Photos: Topshop)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Beatles - Kathryn Williams

Spring is definitely on the way. The bugs are starting to reappear and the days are a lot brighter. But as I age, I learn to savor each season and be happy for what it brings. There was a nip in the air, as I walked to the post office with my Mum. But that didn't stop me from rushing the season with my bright red shoes. I love them! My neighbor who has far more expensive shoe taste than I, was surprised when I told them they came from Old Navy and were $10 on sale!

Cardigan - Ya Ya (Ya Ya Yay K-Line !)
Pants - Erin Fetherston for Target
Tank - Thrift (another find from The Closet)

About You - Clara Hill's Folkwaves

A failed romance is enough to make me put my French lessons aside. . . but I can't stop reading my favourite French fashion blogs. I'm obsessed with Garance Dore's light, airy, fashion illustrations. They make me feel girly and giddy and there's one for every mood. . . not to mention, one that perfectly captures all my friends.

You cannot get through the streets of Manhattan with my sister, without her stopping to pat a dog. Some guys I know, want to start a rent-a-puppy business for males to lure chicks in with. Not a bad idea, boys.

This is Peas without a doubt. The Preen flannel shirt is something she could live in.

Here's The Thinker out and about. Watch those champagnes dear, they go straight to your head.

And here's me and my three sisters. I'm the one one in the middle, lil' sis has the faux fur trimmed parka and high shoes, big sis is on the right.

(All illustrations: Une Fille Comme Moi , which translates to "a girl like me". . . how very appropriate).

Sunday, March 16, 2008

All In - Q-Tip

Lately, I have been so lazy with my wardrobe on the weekends. I generally look like a bum. Why?

1. Because I stay out far too late.
2. Because I like to stay in and read (following a late night out).
3. Because when I go to ballet, I like to peel off my layers and go:
a. I am usually running late for class because parking is a mess in DuPont Circle.
b. I hate using the caustophobic changing room.

But today, I made a little effort. I don't know why (all of it comes off as soon as I get to ballet), but feels good to look nice and pulled together (for once).


Look 1 - Home made jersey skirt (the jersey's nice and stiff), nylon t-shirt (free in goody bag), American Apparel old man cardigan, scarf knitted by me, hat Nordstrom rack.
Look 2- Skirt homemade by me (an easy project), Old Navy tank purchased five years ago, Gap cardigan, Minnetonka boots.

Easy Tiger - Depeche Mode

I generally believe that Topshop, is golden. Smart, effecient, cost effective. . . Topshop gets the job done. Which is why, when they introduce something which I find kind of silly, I certainly comment on it (as I usually always offer praise). So when they introduced these "anti-fit" jeans, I was kind of left puzzled. It seems a bit ridiculous to try and sell the idea of "not-trying-too-hard". I mean, why not just go out and buy a pair of men's jeans? (Which is pretty much what the "anti-fit" looks like to me). And what self respecting Topshop customer, doesn't already own a pair of slouchy boys jeans? (I've got two!) I just hate the idea of Topshop selling the idea of "comfort" and "not-trying-too-hard". In my opinion, slouchy jeans never come and go. They're always in style, in my closet!

(Photos: Topshop )

Eilene Remix - Leb Laze

I already had the idea for this versatile dress, in the back of my head under "Thing To Make During This Bout of Unemployment", but with The Sartorialist opening right around the corner, I knew I had to attempt this dress. My father, who is brillant, suggested I make the collar detachable. I was thinking that too. The many occasions of the dress. . .

Job fair:

(Check out that frowny face)

Hanging out with Mum and Dad:

The Sartorialist show:

(In the last photo, my Mum told me I resembled a chicken. . . I was actually trying to pull up my dress. . . but no more chicken arms from now on. Mum started laughing and nearly dropped my camera. . .)

And Now. . . A Video. . .

I know this video isn't new or cutting edge, but I still find it amazingly impressive, every time I watch it. And I love the song. I use to sit in my old office (the London years), whistling it with my two friends, for the sake of annoying our boss (very annoying indeed).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Monkey Gone To Heaven - Pixies

Peas' close relation and her partner in crime have just launched their Permanent Vacation for Monki collection. Now girls in Sweden, with not a lot of cash can be a part of the Permanent Vacation fun. Perhaps one day, we'll be able to buy it in the US too.
(Photos: Permanent Vacation )