Monday, March 17, 2008

About You - Clara Hill's Folkwaves

A failed romance is enough to make me put my French lessons aside. . . but I can't stop reading my favourite French fashion blogs. I'm obsessed with Garance Dore's light, airy, fashion illustrations. They make me feel girly and giddy and there's one for every mood. . . not to mention, one that perfectly captures all my friends.

You cannot get through the streets of Manhattan with my sister, without her stopping to pat a dog. Some guys I know, want to start a rent-a-puppy business for males to lure chicks in with. Not a bad idea, boys.

This is Peas without a doubt. The Preen flannel shirt is something she could live in.

Here's The Thinker out and about. Watch those champagnes dear, they go straight to your head.

And here's me and my three sisters. I'm the one one in the middle, lil' sis has the faux fur trimmed parka and high shoes, big sis is on the right.

(All illustrations: Une Fille Comme Moi , which translates to "a girl like me". . . how very appropriate).


silver screen pipe dreams said...

Haha! I'm adorable. Thanks.

cornpuddin said...

Holy Moly thats us to a T! I especially like my socks in the dog picture. One of these days I'm gonna get a dog like that. What a cutie!

Chubbs said...

how lovely. why oh why can't i draw?

And I pet every doggie I see--I can't help it though--the doggies just walk up to me and darn-near ask to be petted. My rationale is that I was a dog in one of former lives.

etoilee8 said...

I know, I know, we're freakin' adorable on paper and total messes in real life :) Chubbs, I wish I could draw too. I'm such an illustrator groupie, it's ridiculous. I collect graphic design books and gaze at the pretty pictures.