Friday, March 7, 2008

As Its Falling - Reminder

For the life of me, I can't figure out if these Delia's shoes, (that I have watched closely since last summer) are hideous or friggin awesome. My eye immediately gets excited by bright colours, and I like the fact that they're a bit of a Marc Jacobs knock off. But they've sat on the sale site for so long that I'm wondering if I'm really crazy or if they really are as cool as I think they might be. A little bit of help here?

And I adore the conicle heel on these Volatile shoes. . . they come in black, ivory and navy too. But I like the brown the most. They remind me of these shoes:

(Which I snapped on the L train last summer, en route home). But those that know me, love me, see me walking down the street, can honestly, lovingly say that I am a huge klutz. Will a heel like that balance me out as it should? Probably not. If I bought them, would I be destined to eat mouthfuls of cement? (I wiped out in Soho last summer. An expensive latte, all over the pavement, a skinned knee and elbow. . . but nothing hurt worse than my pride. Darn you cobblestone.)

(Photos: Delia's and Volatile )


Chubbs said...

oooh, have you seen these? very pretty!

etoilee8 said...

I checked them out and I wish, wish, wish I was a pink shoe girl. . . but I am so not. I tried to rock the brightly coloured pointy toe flats years ago and ended up never wearing them!

Chubbs said...

see, i'm so colorblind. I thought they were red!! lol. But, i'm with you. Any brightly-colored shoes only enhance the bigness of my feet.