Monday, March 17, 2008

Beatles - Kathryn Williams

Spring is definitely on the way. The bugs are starting to reappear and the days are a lot brighter. But as I age, I learn to savor each season and be happy for what it brings. There was a nip in the air, as I walked to the post office with my Mum. But that didn't stop me from rushing the season with my bright red shoes. I love them! My neighbor who has far more expensive shoe taste than I, was surprised when I told them they came from Old Navy and were $10 on sale!

Cardigan - Ya Ya (Ya Ya Yay K-Line !)
Pants - Erin Fetherston for Target
Tank - Thrift (another find from The Closet)

1 comment:

K.Line said...

Aren't your gorgeous in that cardi! And great pants too. Thanks for the mention E. K