Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Tiger - Depeche Mode

I generally believe that Topshop, is golden. Smart, effecient, cost effective. . . Topshop gets the job done. Which is why, when they introduce something which I find kind of silly, I certainly comment on it (as I usually always offer praise). So when they introduced these "anti-fit" jeans, I was kind of left puzzled. It seems a bit ridiculous to try and sell the idea of "not-trying-too-hard". I mean, why not just go out and buy a pair of men's jeans? (Which is pretty much what the "anti-fit" looks like to me). And what self respecting Topshop customer, doesn't already own a pair of slouchy boys jeans? (I've got two!) I just hate the idea of Topshop selling the idea of "comfort" and "not-trying-too-hard". In my opinion, slouchy jeans never come and go. They're always in style, in my closet!

(Photos: Topshop )

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