Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hiding Your Present From You - Arthur Russell

I love gift giving. I love unexpected presents. I love care packages. This dress above is far from perfect. . . still has some technical techniques to work out. But when I saw the jersey, I knew it would look perfect on my younger sister (she wears a lot of rusty red). I don't see her a lot, she lives in NYC, I live here. So it's important to spoil her sometimes. It'll probably be too big in some places (dearest is a twig), but I hope she likes it. It's my own design. And I hope I'm not spoiling the surprise by posting it here. It will be perfect for spring time in the city.

My old friend Fonds is in town visiting. . . we're going to go on a long drive and take it easy. I don't think she thought I would be remember her birthday. . . but oh did I ever. . .

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