Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeward - The Sundays

Everyone takes where they live for granted at some point. It's easy to do. Sometimes I think in my head,
"New York . . . London. . . and back here again. . . (sigh)".
But I know, I live in a pretty place.

So does, Curella ! Just looking at her photos soothes me. I miss english seaside towns. There's nothing else like them. Curella has a problem with outdoor photography because of the crazy wind.

My photos are for the Treat DC lookbook. Exciting stuff. Reason no. 538 why being partially employed ain't so bad. Matt told me I lead a "nice life" today. I smiled and thought about it, for a moment before replying,
"I know."

(Photos: Curella Says )

1 comment:

Chubbs said... certainly live in a beautiful place...i'm jealous. And your dress is lovely as well!