Saturday, March 29, 2008

Je t'aime moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Today was fairly busy, I assisted on a photo shoot, which I won't post the pictures for yet. . .but they're coming soon. It was another impromptu one. . . but heaps of fun. I wore:

Jeans: Acne
Blazer: thrift
Sweater: J.Crew
Shoes: Target

Ballet flats in the woods. . . don't work. Bit of clever advice for you, as I've now got a shoe full of dirt.

But before that, I woke the Thinker , and she and I went to grab coffee. I live for Starbucks messing up my order. They upgrade you to a bigger size and give you a coupon for a free drink (if they don't, ASK for it). Score!

But at the blessed Army of Salvation, my day got even better. I am cutting myself off with the scarf collecting. They're just so cheap. . .and I always find one I like. Meanwhile these sandals reminded me of a pair that I begged for, for my 10th birthday. I got them and wore them until they fell apart.

I watched "Paris, Je T'aime" today and I thought it was appropriate. I won't lie to you, I rented it just incase I need to swear at someone in French. Wanted to brush up. A good mix of happy, sad and weird. Highly recommend.


ChiliLady said...

i'm excited to see the results of the photoshoot. was the model your sister?

etoilee8 said...

Actually for a friend's clothing line. The dresses are simply adorable!

K.Line said...

I love your look today - the animal print! K

Chubbs said...

I really liked Paris Je T'aime...or at least I think I did. I watched the entire movie on mute, marveling at all the beautiful shots.

cornpuddin said...

I'm glad you saw paris j'taime. I actually liked it also. There were a few cute stories, like Nick Nolte's story about watching his grandson. And I also liked the steve buscemi one and the last one with the woman who goes to Paris for the first time.
All and all it's no love actually but I thought it was a great series of short films!