Sunday, March 16, 2008

All In - Q-Tip

Lately, I have been so lazy with my wardrobe on the weekends. I generally look like a bum. Why?

1. Because I stay out far too late.
2. Because I like to stay in and read (following a late night out).
3. Because when I go to ballet, I like to peel off my layers and go:
a. I am usually running late for class because parking is a mess in DuPont Circle.
b. I hate using the caustophobic changing room.

But today, I made a little effort. I don't know why (all of it comes off as soon as I get to ballet), but feels good to look nice and pulled together (for once).


Look 1 - Home made jersey skirt (the jersey's nice and stiff), nylon t-shirt (free in goody bag), American Apparel old man cardigan, scarf knitted by me, hat Nordstrom rack.
Look 2- Skirt homemade by me (an easy project), Old Navy tank purchased five years ago, Gap cardigan, Minnetonka boots.


Chubbs said...

I live in my Minnetonkas. Refuse to give them up...hands down the most comfy shoes/slippers ever. I'm already fantasizing about which Spring dresses I'll pair them with.

etoilee8 said...

A lot of bloggers diss the Minnetonkas. I call bullshit on them. Minnetonkas go with everything, aren't as played out as Uggs and are beyond comfortable. I will wear them well into the spring too.