Monday, March 24, 2008

Mary - Yann Tiersen & Elizabeth Fraser

Today, I had some serious errand running to do. . .not to mention taking my friend Fonda to three different art museums, all whilst preparing to go out of town. (If you're in DC, I highly recommend seeing In The Forest of Fontainebleau ). I still have packing to do, but I thought I'd blog instead. . . very responsible. I felt somewhat inspired by this photo from the film "Jules et Jim". It was far too cold to wear espadrilles today. I might as well though. . . the ballet slippers really served no purpose in the "warmth" department. Sometimes I am so logical, it kills me.

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Secretista said...

You look cute as always!

Where are you goinngg??

WendyB said...

Very cute!

etoilee8 said...

Secretista, Rhode Island. . .actually passing through NYC. . . just to browse A.P.C. and Opening Ceremony. . .and get some ideas. Thanks for the ever-so-sweet comments, dears.