Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturdays - Cut Copy

I am so pleased that I am no longer a snot nosed teen and that my Mum and I can hang out and actually have fun. I value our Saturdays together so much. I often tag along with her to The Closet . It is my mother's favourite place to shop and she will probably shank me for revealing it's location. (Uh huh Wendy B. . . . Cornpuddin's quite a fan of that phrase too). The Closet happens to be a very nice thrift store. I've found bikes, clothing, shoes and ballet gear (all at beyond reasonable prices). Last Saturday I was enthused by the vintage patterns. They were so cheap, I bought six for my friend Amy (although I am contemplating keeping a couple for myself, preferably the romper). Just the illustrations alone, are fun to keep around.

I also bought this adorable scarf. It looks like something a cute granny (who was a hot young thing in the sixties), might sport.

After we go to The Closet we hit up Great Harvest next door. They give the most generous slices of their delectable bread. Occasionally I get suckered into buying the whole loaf, only to get home and realize it was a huge mistake, as I am inhaling piece by piece with no regard for the consequences. I proceed to spend the rest of the day, giving bread away to friends, neighbors and anyone who will take it out of my sight.

"I'm meeting you at the bookstore? Great, I'll bring some bread."
"Why don't you come in for a slice of bread?"
"You've got a headache? How 'bout some bread?"

It's actually a sweet little tradition. I like cutting it up and giving it away. Something about it feels so nice. . .


Meredyth said...

"You've got a headache, how about some bread?" You're going to be a great mom with a line like that!
"Cut yourself? Want a cuppa tea?"

K.Line said...

I am nuts about scarves and that one is a great spring find. Will it work with your new peach dress, do you suppose? It's hard to tell about colour matching from web photos. K

silver screen pipe dreams said...

If I quit my job can I come and hang out with you and your mom all the time?

etoilee8 said...

The orange might clash a little with the peach. . . however, the scarf that I'm about to post about is perfect with the dress! (Yay!) Silver screen, you can come over and hang out anytime you want! And Meredyth, I believe the phrase is "What? You cut your arm off? How about a cup of tea?"