Monday, March 31, 2008

School Days - Chuck Berry

Speaking of Dad's wardrobe. . . this month's Nylon has an article about Chuck Taylors. When Fonda and I found ourselves in Providence, Rhode Island with nowhere to go and nothing to do, we called out to the boys getting out of the car next to us,
"Excuse me, where's a good place to drink?"
They not only direct us, but they also accompanied us. Those boys, quickly became our dear friends and town tour guides. The boys' roommate, who they shared a loft with, designed for Converse one summer. . .so there were more Converse samples in that house than you could shake a stick at. Here's just a sampling of the wares. (The loft was filled to the brim with shoes. . .on the window sill, in boxes. . . everywhere). In my second building in New York, there lived a guy who designed for K-Swiss and he used to throw his samples in our basement. I got really excited until I realized they were all left feet. Trash bags full of left feet.

Liberty London Girl and I, must have been on the same wave, as she blogged today about these fabulous limited edition Converse sneakers by Hiroshi Fujiwara. . . of course they come in an amazing colour of red. . .of course they're only available in London. . .

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Libertygirl said...

Great minds think alike sweetpea! LLGxx