Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She's In Fashion - London Suede

So, I was cruising Face Hunter today. (I make it sound like a meat market. . . and it is a meatmarket. . . for fashion!). And I stumbled upon. . . ANOTHER FRIEND. I'm really feeling left out here. . . I'm going to have to hang out in places where the Face Hunter frequents (ie: London and Paris). Meet Elodie. Smart, clever and heaps of fun. This girl's the full package. She wears clothing extremely well and makes H&M look very high fashion. (That's a nice coat, Elodie. Where'd you get it?). Elodie's also the former womenswear buyer for Dolce and Gabbana for the US of A. She's very modest, so I hope she doesn't mind me spilling the beans. So, the next time you go into Dolce and Gabbana and think to yourself "this store's got all the coolest things" . . . you have her to thank. I was actually blown away by their S/S 2008 collection (and I'm not just saying that because I'm Elodie's friend). Have a look for yourself.

(Photos: Face Hunter and Style.com )


Chubbs said...

first off--I love Face Hunter. secondly, your friend looks a little too "tame" for that site--but ohhh, her coat is soooo yummy!

H&M is one of those stores, where, if you're in the mood for searching, you can stumble upon a great sweater or jacket that looks perfectly tailored and, well, not-from-H&M (for lack of a better adjective). I bought a blue wool jacket from H&M last Fall--one size too small so that it cinches to my form--and I've had so many ladies and gents ask where I bought it. I knew this jacket was a super keeper when I was standing in line in a coffee shop two months ago, and a young woman said to me, "I LOVE your jacket. Did you get it here in the states?" And yes, I told her it was from H&M. I can't keep a bargain to myself!

etoilee8 said...

I can't keep a bargain to myself either. I'm kind of tacky as in the way that I always blurt it out, if someone asks. But I'm never one to keep a bargain to myself. H&M purchases in the last month. . . one really beautiful suit jacket ($20), a lovely dress with an interesting cut ($20), a flowered boho Sienna-esque dress ($20) and a top that looks like an A.P.C. top I almost bought last autumn ($20). And upon seeing all that I realized I've got to give my credit card a break from H&M!