Monday, March 31, 2008

Tomorrow Is Already Here - Stereolab

I present to you, my father who arte hipper than I. (Far right and his brothers).
It is 1994 and my father gives me a lift to elementary school in his '65 silver Mercedes convertible. I remember feeling slight embarrassment over all the attention it attracted. I was definitely drinking the suburbia cool aid. All I wanted, was for my father to wear was horrid pressed chinos and hideous button downs from the Gap like all the other fathers. Instead, my father wore aviator sunglasses (which I now own), black Chuck Taylors, Adidas track suits (authentic from the 70's. . .which my sister has now claimed as her own). But the WORSE offender (in my silly little mind). . . the Members Only jacket. I used to cringe every time he pulled it out of the closet.

What goes around, comes around, eh Pops? (Salvation Army, $3).


cornpuddin said...

How did you get a copy of that fabulous photo of the barber boys. Can you email that to me? Thanks!

P.S. Dad has always been the coolest dad (that god he never where that stupid surburban uniform)

Chubbs said...

what a lovely post! Your dad is a looker, and a cutie pie (hope you don't mind me saying)--and looks like you inherited his uniqueness and great sense of style.

etoilee8 said...

Chubbs, he is a lovely guy! These days, if only I could get him out of cargo pants and oversized tees. . . I won't be inheritating his latest styles of taking casual to new highs! And Cornpuddin', they're all on the family website, which I'm sure you were CCd on. . . I'll forward it to you again.

cornpuddin said...

I totally did not know we had a family website. Just because I move away, I no longer get CC'ed on special family things... hmph!

K.Line said...

What a great picture. They're all super cool!