Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blue - Joni Mitchell

Yesterday I had the worse case of the blues. Sometimes life moves faster than I can possibly grasp. Sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with those around me, which results in feeling a bit lost.

Babies, birthdays, break ups, moves. . .
but nothing cheers my heart like $5 shoes.
(Salvation Army, my salvation. . . )

When I was in high school, my father and I passed this album back and forth until it became so scratched, we had to buy a new copy. (It was his to begin with and I probably should have bought the new copy). If this album didn't make your eyes a little wet but your ears a little happy the first time around. . . listen again. . . and this time, really listen. . .

(photo: Time )

Accept Yourself - The Smiths

Peas try not to cry tears of joy, when I present this to you for the next present-giving holiday.

(Bag: Cafe Press by way of )

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another View Point - Cornelius

Here's a little lesson in de-fugging a vintage dress.
A long time ago, it came to my attention that if ever I were to become a d-list celebrity (I do aim high). . . the little darlings at Go Fug Yourself would probably eat me alive, on a weekly basis. And it would probably be well deserved. . . sometimes I leave the house, thinking I look really awesome, only to later realize, I looked a hot mess. Not to mention the fact, that I do occasionally enjoy their site at the expense of other's and apparently what goes around, comes around. So of course when I saw this photo of Jenna Von Oy , I immediately got excited. It's happening already! I bought the sister of that dress from Salvation Army two weeks ago. And yes, I looked like a quaker in it too. . .

. . . until I de-fugged it.

First things first.
1. Cut that hem line. It's doing no one any good. Even if you're 5'10, a hemline that long would still make you look like a teapot (short and stout). Cut it off. Pronto. Five inches minimum.

2. Shorten those Little House On The Prairie sleeves. Do you envy really Chloe Sevigny's wardrobe from "Big Love"? Didn't think so.
3. Accessories are a good thing and the belt's a good start. . .but I like my scarf and jacket combo too.

Oh hell. Who am I kidding? They would still eat me alive in this dress.

Don't Mess Hair - The Free Association

In this episode of "Lives of the Nowhere Near Rich But Still Fabulous", our heroines found themselves finished with their morning brew, with nothing to to do. They decided to make their day indulgent with a Salvation Army visit and $12 haircuts from the Paul Mitchell School for Hair . It was the best idea they had, had in awhile.

No one's going to tell you about the Paul Mitchell School for Hair because it's one of the best kept secrets. But I will. . . because I love you. Trust me when I say they do a fabulous job. And did I mention that it's super cost effective? I realize the phrase "student", immediately strikes fear into many a hair lovers heart. But don't fear, there are plenty of instructors who closely monitor what's being done to your lovely locks. Plus the students are extremely knowledgable and if they need help, they'll ask for it. It really is the perfect solution for anyone who loves fabulous hair but doesn't have a fabulous paycheck.

(And if "leisure days" were an Olympic sport, we'd take home the gold).

Monday, April 28, 2008

Switch and Graeme remix - Santogold

Long live Santogold . She just makes me happy. She makes me want to rock my Member's Only jacket everyday (regardless of how much eye rolling my sister sends my way)! With some gold jewelry (of course).

(If you'll notice, our hair is reverse. . . her's is blond all over with black tips, mine is black with blond tips. . . )

Cascade - Tycho

As I watch the rain outside my window and realize that it's not going to let up any time soon and I simply must get out of my house at some point. . . I realize I am in dire need of a practical purchase. And these Tretorn rain boots are in the forerunning. Their boots seem so sturdy and strong. Plus, any company that's been going since the 19th century in my book, already earns a leg up from me and I've always loved Tretorn's ads. They're very simple but super easy-on-the-eye.

Ghostly Swim

Today, it is wet, grey and a little foggy out. The Ghostly Swim album is perfect. I'm doing laundry and have had this album on repeat (I've got a lot of laundry, it's nearly touching the ceiling) So who likes free music ? Good! I thought you did. If you don't watch Adult Swim, you are missing out on one of life's many joys. Slightly risque humour, cartoons and good electronic music intervals (I've always thought the music was pretty). What more do you need?

Perhaps a big bowl of cereal, since it comes on late at night.
My favourite song so far is definitely Blue Little by 1032. . . but I also like Triple Chrome Dipped and Ithaca. What's yours'?

(PS- Thank you Jackson for the tip off and always keeping it fresh).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem

My sister and I bonded over working on this documentary last year in New York. It was our night job. We would meet up downtown after our day jobs, take the subway to Dumbo, pick up eats at this little market and lock ourselves in the studio until the work was done (and it never seemed like it would ever be). Often we would tag team between sleeping on the company's cushy leather couches and being in front of the computer. When the sun would rise, we would watch it from the loft's giant windows, creeping up over the Manhattan Bridge.

I took this photo from that very same window. Anywho. . . I just found out this documentary is sold out at the Tribeca Film Festival and that the party is today. I committed to go to a bridal shower already. . .

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love Like Laughter - Beth Orton

Today I had a beautiful day with Peas . We drank iced coffee by the lake, read the paper, went shopping and laughed a ton. We always laugh for hours sometimes when times are rough. . . we can still find the humour in the situation. Even when we argue, once the air is cleared, we usually have a chuckle about how ridiculous it was later. Peas is a really amazing photographer. She plays it down, but dearest has an eye for composition and light. I don't have a lot of photos of myself (when I'm not displaying an outfit), because I'm usually the photographer. . .so when someone takes some nice ones of me, I feel compelled to share.

My arms have become a lot more defined since I started ballet again. The other day a friend caught me admiring them in public (shamelessly) and asked me if I was going to buy a ticket to my own gun show. Yes, I think I will, thanks.

I'm so happy I found my aviators. I love them like no other.

I smell a new Facebook photo. . .

Slouching a bit. . .

I think I look a bit childish here. I think it's the way I'm holding my mouth and my tooth poking out. Anyways I like it, it's a side of me that I haven't seen in a while.

There's this Tracy Emin photo that's titled. . . "And Sometimes I Feel Beautiful". I think I know what she means. . .

So Com Voce - Thievery Corporation

So here I am feeling happy, caffeinated (looking a bit pudgy) and wearing THE DRESS. As you can see it is a teensy bit snug in the chest. . . but that's never stopped me! (This picture was a bit of a sneak attack from my sometimes photographer Matt). I was so happy on Friday, I had gotten out of work early and rushed home to find all my neighborhood munchkins playing outside in the sunshine. I threw off my clothes and threw on THE DRESS and came outside to enjoy the remaining sunlight. My neighbor R, who always takes it upon himself to throughly (but lovingly) critique my outfits wandered up to me and asked casually, "what the hell are you wearing?".

I figured I would save him the time and I replied, "my Mama Cass dress".
R's response? "Mama Cass? You got room for Mama, Papa and a couple babies in that thing". Touche R, touche.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blips, Drips and Splits - Stereolab

I got the dress! I got the dress! The one that Agathe has! And it's pattern reminds me of this 70's sounding Stereolab song. On the very same day, I commented to Ms. Spinach about not being able to locate this amazing dress in H&M stores in my area ($19.99 will start a small stampede), I decided to take matters into my own hands and call H&M. . . only to further confuse a poor sales assistant (no one can ever find anything in that store). But I wasn't giving up just yet. . . Amy and I decided to meet at the mall for a cup of coffee after work. I had also clicked on the Sally Vintage blog and had gottened more determined that I needed this dress. After some magazine browsing at the book store, we eventually wandered towards H&M (something which regularly occurs) and I mentioned to the sales assistants that I was looking for THE DRESS (once again more confusion ensued). Frustrated, I wandered towards the trend section with Amy, where we proceeded to play with silly looking hats and comment on our favourite pieces. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted THE DRESS, stuck in between a pile of colour block dresses. I couldn't believe my luck. My face fell a bit when I saw that it was a size six and the sales assistants assured me that just receiving that one dress was extremely lucky, as it was a return. None-the-less. . . I tried it on. And. . . IT FIT. . . almost perfectly. I'm never a size 6. Not since I was 6, I assure you. But it's, mine. And if you really want it that badly. . . maybe I'll sell it to you if it looks poorly on me in the daylight (the deal breaker). I would even sell it to you for a fair price. . . like what I paid. I'd just like to see the dress go to a good home, should I decide not to keep it. (Update: I tried it on this morning and realized there is absolutely NO WAY I can part with it. I love it too much. Apologies if I got anyone's hopes up).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Nasty - Amon Tobin

Poor Natalie. It really wasn't her day, was it?
If you're interested in buying the A.P.C. cape, it's on sale on eBay and the owner hasn't had much luck yet selling it. . .maybe you can bargain with them. (Oh snap! I just thought what if Miss Portman was trying to part with the darn thing after deeming it "unlucky". If you do purchase it, I'd give it a good smell, just incase).

Little Bit - Lykke Li

Today has been the first day that it hasn't rained buckets in the DC area, since Saturday, I believe. Rain is wonderful. I actually love it. Perfect for movie dates, hand holding, listening to the Cinematic Orchestra, Alpha, Portishead, Stina Nordenstam, Chet Baker, The Flashbulb. . .the rain playlist goes on and on. But rain also makes me crave an artillery of umbrellas. So here's a few that I do admire:

What would this post be without a little Marimekko thrown in? I may have been disappointed by the H&M tribute, but that doesn't effect my overall love for them.

And this beaut, I almost bought several times in New York from the Moma store , especially on crummy, nasty days. (And there are plenty of those in Manhattan). But at the time, funds were a bit tight and I could not bring myself to part with $48.

This one from makes me think of sunny spring days.

The Ambient umbrella, is perhaps the most high tech umbrella of them all. The nifty handle is actually a device which detects incoming rain by turning blue and pulsing. One pulse every second means a good sixty percent chance of rain, a hundred pulses a minute means you better grab that umbrella and stuff it in your non-leather handbag. . . because your leather bag is going to get ruined and so will your hair. Grab a hoodie too while you're at it.

And the Swims Classic Automatic stands upright all on its own . . .

This song runs a very high risk of being played to death by me. (Many a song have suffered a similar fate). I've had it on repeat for two days now (especially with the torrential downpour). Mark my words, this young lady is going to blow up. (Special thanks to my favourite Swede for keeping me totally and utterly current on the bands that I can easily overlook because the album hasn't even dropped yet over here).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bilavisur - Bjork

The obsession with La Petite S***** began in 2003 while I was still living in London and the third floor at Selfridges was my favourite stomping ground to try on treasures which I will probably never be able to afford. (Much like Bergdorf Goodman is to me now). Once known as La Petite Salope (which translates loosely into "the little strumpet"), the brand has been going strong since 2001, with a fairly large fan club and hundreds of high street knock offs inspired. I find it comical that Princess Beatrice has been known to sport a La Petite Salope frock. (Since when is she a little strumpet?) Anywho. . . looking at their dresses gives me sweet dreams of parties, dancing and champagne. And on that note, I'm going to bed. Work tomorrow (sigh).

(Photos: )

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Springsville - Miles Davis and Quincy Jones

I feel so inspired right now! I have ideas galore and my mind is all a flutter. . . but my motivation is null and void! With the warm weather about, all I want to do is sit around on my porch, drink white wine, read and hang out with my friends until the wee hours. Such a slacker! But I have a full week of work starting Monday so slacker no more. . .I wish I had gotten something done with my time (in regards to making clothes), but I am not too regretful. I did stumble upon the lovely L'Ecole Des Femmes site. Their clothing is so precious, girly and kind of seasonless. (I would probably want to live in these dresses no matter how cold it is outside).

Does the model remind you of anyone?

And here's a couple pictures from their previous seasons. . . and I would still gladly purchase the clothing. . . especially that black coat with the brass buttons. Too cute.

(Photos: L'Ecole Des Femmes and )

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Monster - Monster (David Holmes and the Free Association)

The other day when Peas took this photo of me in my new H&M mock neck hoodie (another purchase bought with Marimekko return credit). I thought the photo looked a little sinister, Peas thought it looked sweet, like a "cute puppet monster". And that got me thinking about Yo Gabba Gabba.

Maybe there is a bit of a resemblance to myself and the green monster. No denying, I absolutely love that show. It's strange and fun. With lots of dancing (and oddly hip guest stars such as Biz Markie and Elijah Wood). My neighbor who I think, thinks me to be a bit odd (but lovable and great with their child), ran up to me the other day in the parking lot and said "I was watching Yo Gabba Gabba the other day and I thought perhaps it was something you might love". It's amazing when people are so spot on about me.

Now admit it, just watching that made you a teensy bit happier, n'est-ce pas?

Now lately, I've been also craving a new pair of stylish kicks. I go through the motions every six months where I get sick of dresses and all I want to wear is boyish jeans, hoodies and sneakers. . . and then I fall back into my old ways and start sporting dresses again. I'm not really a Nike girl, but I do like this awfully suggestive photo from UO . Way to try and sell a lifestyle guys. . .