Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bilavisur - Bjork

The obsession with La Petite S***** began in 2003 while I was still living in London and the third floor at Selfridges was my favourite stomping ground to try on treasures which I will probably never be able to afford. (Much like Bergdorf Goodman is to me now). Once known as La Petite Salope (which translates loosely into "the little strumpet"), the brand has been going strong since 2001, with a fairly large fan club and hundreds of high street knock offs inspired. I find it comical that Princess Beatrice has been known to sport a La Petite Salope frock. (Since when is she a little strumpet?) Anywho. . . looking at their dresses gives me sweet dreams of parties, dancing and champagne. And on that note, I'm going to bed. Work tomorrow (sigh).

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Sofia said...

That dress would look so good on you. I know you don't love pink, but a pale pink like that would look amazing with your skin tone.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

this dress is classy, chic, stunning and elgant. and the trench is fabulous!!!

laia. said...

Aren't you kinda bummed they changed their name? What's wrong with La Petite Salope? How am I supposed to pronounce ******?

The first dress is GORGEOUS.