Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blips, Drips and Splits - Stereolab

I got the dress! I got the dress! The one that Agathe has! And it's pattern reminds me of this 70's sounding Stereolab song. On the very same day, I commented to Ms. Spinach about not being able to locate this amazing dress in H&M stores in my area ($19.99 will start a small stampede), I decided to take matters into my own hands and call H&M. . . only to further confuse a poor sales assistant (no one can ever find anything in that store). But I wasn't giving up just yet. . . Amy and I decided to meet at the mall for a cup of coffee after work. I had also clicked on the Sally Vintage blog and had gottened more determined that I needed this dress. After some magazine browsing at the book store, we eventually wandered towards H&M (something which regularly occurs) and I mentioned to the sales assistants that I was looking for THE DRESS (once again more confusion ensued). Frustrated, I wandered towards the trend section with Amy, where we proceeded to play with silly looking hats and comment on our favourite pieces. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted THE DRESS, stuck in between a pile of colour block dresses. I couldn't believe my luck. My face fell a bit when I saw that it was a size six and the sales assistants assured me that just receiving that one dress was extremely lucky, as it was a return. None-the-less. . . I tried it on. And. . . IT FIT. . . almost perfectly. I'm never a size 6. Not since I was 6, I assure you. But it's, mine. And if you really want it that badly. . . maybe I'll sell it to you if it looks poorly on me in the daylight (the deal breaker). I would even sell it to you for a fair price. . . like what I paid. I'd just like to see the dress go to a good home, should I decide not to keep it. (Update: I tried it on this morning and realized there is absolutely NO WAY I can part with it. I love it too much. Apologies if I got anyone's hopes up).


cornpuddin said...

that dress is popular?

laia. said...


I saw the dress when I went to H&M a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately no matter how awesome I think girls look in maxi dresses, I just can't imagine myself wearing it.
It's so cute though.

silver screen pipe dreams said...

CONGRATS. It looks great in the picture. I can imagine it will look great on you too. Can't wait to see. And I might actually have found my own diamond, an apartment!

typographic darling said...

this is kelly.

i bought the tank top incarnation of that dress about 4 months ago and returned it for a couple reasons.

Wish I could have snagged the dress as a consolation prize, though i'm convinced my chest would pop out in a lilo kind of way at some point.


p.s. when are you coming to ny to visit?? we miss you.

K.Line said...

You so got my hopes up! :-) Seriously, I'm glad it looks great and what a bonus that it's a 6, non?

The Clothes Horse said...

That dress is crazy popular. How fantastic that you got it.