Monday, April 7, 2008

Bocuma - Boards of Canada

I don't think it's completely honest to post only your best outfits. In retrospect, today I was looking straight up frumpy. . . but I never know what to expect during the April showers, so it's hard to plan the perfect outfit. I was cozy though.

Sweater: Marni
Skirt: Urbn (my own renewal)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Dolce Vita

Yesterday I worked, but my day ended rather early so I rushed home and hopped in this cozy H&M dress (which has quickly become one of my most beloved items in my wardrobe). I finally wore my thrift store scarf. And I spent the rest of the afternoon sewing.

I wish I could tell you about yesterdays television shoot. . . it was crazy fun. . . but I can't. I signed the paper. But I can leave you with this picture of an elephant. I love elephants, this was my second encounter. This particular one shook my hand, and I was left with a bit of elephant snot on my palm. I was so pleased though, it didn't matter. (For you, Secretista . . . cheer up darling).


K.Line said...

I know the first pic isn't super "fashiony" but I love the hat and the tights. If this is you when you're off-duty, you're doing alright! Oh, and I really like the comfy blue dress too. K

Sofia said...

I love the orange tights with the black shoes.

ambika said...

I disagree that this is frumpy. The 1st pic has a fun, feminine look to it with those tights & the flared skirt and I love the scarf with the dress in the 2nd shot.

I agree that you shouldn't just take pics when it's a dressy, fabulous day, though. Casual days should have equal time, too!

etoilee8 said...

Ahhh you guys are too kind. I think my belly looks a bit pokey. . . but hey, I ate a lot of Krispy Kremes to achieve that gut. It was hard work.

WendyB said...

I think these are totally cute looks!