Monday, April 28, 2008

Cascade - Tycho

As I watch the rain outside my window and realize that it's not going to let up any time soon and I simply must get out of my house at some point. . . I realize I am in dire need of a practical purchase. And these Tretorn rain boots are in the forerunning. Their boots seem so sturdy and strong. Plus, any company that's been going since the 19th century in my book, already earns a leg up from me and I've always loved Tretorn's ads. They're very simple but super easy-on-the-eye.


Secretista said...

Oh wow, I really like those!

Chubbs said...

Those are cute boots. I have very simple brown rain boots that are almost Wellingtons, but not quite--and are perfectly comfy. Today is rained all day here, and it was icy-chilly, but for a day, we have a reprieve from the pollen.